Undeserving of your Sympathy


-grins and pushes his hand back into his pocket and heads over to the door-
night oncie
-steps out of the RV with one last glance over his shoulder back at Entre, then closes the door behind him-


-groans and coughs-

-lays his head back and stares at the ceiling for a while-



just making sure you know

try to get some rest if you can
-starts to head toward the door but pauses before he even takes a step-
-glances down at Entre from the corner of his eye then pulls his hand from his pocket and holds his fist out towards him-

-looks down at Dave’s fist then up to his face before relaxing back with a small ‘Pfft' and raising his hand to bump his fist with his own-


-chuckles and squares his shoulders a little bit before stuffing his hands back into his jacket pockets-
i always have my friends backs
even if they started out being my employer
-lips turn up at one corner for a moment and he nods at Entre, silently accepting his appreciation-

i should probably get out so you can rest
if you need me for anything just let me know ok
and im serious

-wheezes a laugh- Okay! Sheesh, I already have three people willing to serve me hand and foot, it’s almost like the old days.

-laughs and coughs-


youre lucky then
pretend you never heard of him
for both our sakes

hell yeah im right
-shakes his head- nah man youre fine
cant help that you caught somethin
so dont worry about it
just focus on getting your sick ass better
cause id hate to have to kick your ass for doing some dumbshit thing
-shifts on his feet and looks down at Entre-
we might not be able to stop the inevitable
but as long as im here
ive got your back
and i will put up one hell of a fight to keep inevitable off yours
for as long as it takes until this shit is over

you best not have forgotten
i am one hell of a secretary

……-huffs a laugh-

Nah, I haven’t forgotten. I still dunno why you’ve stuck by me this whole time. I’ve never even done anything for you to owe me anything close to this, but…I appreciate it.


-furrows his brows-
you know what
there probably is more qualified people working on this shit
but what if theyre just a bunch of chumps and they dont figure anything out
thats like
entrusting them to do everything for everyone
and that shit never works out

-sighs softly-
i know shit looks p hopeless right now
but if ive learned one thing with all the shit ive been through
it’s that even if shit IS hopeless theres still hope out there somewhere
even if its a stupid dumpass with no pants
youre not in anyones way
so theres no reason for you to get out of it
youre fit for something man
everyone is
even if its just to be mr mcsickysickston and teach swag some compassion

-pauses for a moment-
shit look at me talking like fucking charles barkley
look out im going to start spewing philosophical quotes in a second
-snorts in amusement at himself and shakes his head-


…I don’t know who that is, heh.

I guess you’re right. I mean…about the…no need to get out of people’s way if you’re not in it. I still…kinda feel like a burden, especially now, but……I guess having an extra brain, even if it’s sick and slow and not that great, is better than…not…

-huffs and laughs lightly before coughing- That came out weak..

I wasn’t planning on…doing anything drastic, though, just so you know. I think it was more of……coming to terms…in case something does happen…y’know? None of us can really stop the inevitable.


-looks down at Entre-
i can lie and say you dont look like crap if that helps
-gives him a little smirk-

…-snorts then coughs-

I know I do. Everyone else already said so. -rubs at his forehead- I still feel really warm from the fire…

……Okay, no, I probably have a fever…




…I just don’t see how I can make things better. No matter what the others say. What the hell can I do? I’m just one guy… I don’t even fully understand anything. There’s probably way more qualified people already working on it. All I’m doing is chasing down some ….thing…that I probably won’t even find.

And how can I live with myself if things never get better?

…I know I’ll be missed when I’m gone. I’m not stupid, but I think it’d be better off if I just…got myself out of the way now…before I make anything worse. I’m not fit for anything anymore. 


oh yeah sure
-reaches into his pocket and pulls the bottle out-
-steps forward and hands it to Entre-

-takes it from him-

I think I can drink it this time…heh.

-picks up the medicine bottle from nearby and takes a quick swig- -winces- -drinks a few large gulps of water before pulling it away with a cough-


-lays back-

I feel like crap.


-furrows his brows a little, still looking around-
hey man you can be honest with me
-shifts again, leaning back against the wall-
what do you mean? 

-shifts his gaze up to Dave’s face then away-

-pulls the covers up over himself- ……

Could you hand me a water bottle or something? -coughs-


hey its no problem
-steps back and presses his hands into his pockets-
you should 
…take better care of yourself you know?
cause even if youre not the ‘leader’ or whatever anymore
everyone still kind of looks to you for shit
-shifts on his feet-
in a way anyway
-looks around at the inside of the RV-

-coughs and unzips his jacket-

…I know, but……sometimes…I don’t really see the point. -groans and stifles a cough- That…was more honest than I meant to be.

-slips his jacket off-


youre not fine dude
here come on
lets get you back
-helps lifts him to his feet-

-snatches up bottle and stuffs it into his pocket, leading him back towards the rv-

-groans around another batch of coughs-

-allows Dave to lead him away, giving a quick, apologetic glance towards the remaining people-


-steps awkwardly up the steps and inside-

-flops over into the bed and starts taking off his shoes-

-clears his throat and coughs a few more times weakly-